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New Year, New You in 2022? Consistency in training is your key!

Success starts with you showing up. The clients, gym members and class participants that find the greatest success are the ones that repeatedly show up. You literally need to learn to ‘train like an athlete’, whatever the desired results are that you are looking for. Your coach may be a Personal Trainer or a movement teacher or someone you meet at a class.

To stay motivated and be fitter and stronger in 2022 what can you do?

1) Train with a buddy, committing to meet someone to show up is huge, I think almost one of the most motivating things one can do

2) Be consistent, even if you miss a week or two, that doesn’t equal failure, it makes you human

3) Book a time with a trainer (not to sit and have a chat, but to move!), a new program every 4-6 weeks will not only help you get stronger, but to stay motivated

4) Find a group and activity that you enjoy and commit to the time each week (if you miss a week, remember, you are humans, even athletes get sick sometimes!)

5) Put your cloths out the night before at the end of your bed, get the coffee going and get changed (stop thinking about it!)

Consistency over time will give you the results you are looking for as a lasting change. Being fit and active is not a punishment for our bodies, it allows us to enjoy life more fully, and to give us longevity that is that is enjoyable. As my 76 year old dad said to me on the phone the other day, I can’t believe how a 30minute swim makes me feel so good with endorphins (why do we forget what makes us feel good, or do we just make so many excuses that the ‘remembering’ gets pushed down)!

Be fit and well,

Jen x


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