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The Reformer is here!

Jan 3, 2021

The amazing Allegro 2 Reformer will be in-studio soon. Image courtesy:

We have two great reasons to feel excited about Autumn.

  1. We've just heard that our long-awaited Allegro 2 Pilates Reformer has landed in NZ and will be in -studio from early April 2021 and;

  2. The talented and highly-experienced Lisa Mason will be available at studio, also from April 2021.

Lisa is a clinical Pilates practitioner and physiotherapist who has worked with elite sports teams and individuals in England, Malaysia and New Zealand. We are so lucky to have Lisa practicing with us from April, on Wednesday and Fridays. She will work closely with her clients on posture and muscle balance, and how to incorporate these principles into everyday life. Sign up here to be first to hear about Lisa's introductory workshops and early availability at The Well.

Lisa Mason, Physiotherapist and DMA and Polestar clinical Pilates practitioner, will join The Well from April 2021.


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