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Top 3 things you can do to maintain a healthy body weight for life...

Jen Rice at the top of the Port Hills, Lyttelton

1. Become a consistent exerciser.

This doesn't mean never miss a workout or 3, it means get back to an exercise plan or your favourite types of exercise as soon as you can. This does me, make exercise and moving more a regular part (and one of the most important parts) of your life. Seems like a big statement...but have you ever heard someone regret being capable of moving well and being fit?

2. Eat well and stop restrictive diets or programs that you can't maintain.

It's hard to define exactly what eating well means, there are so many variations of what works well for people, intermittent fasting, name it. There is one thing that consistently is good for our health and that is eating more whole foods. I know what you are thinking, isn't that obvious? But, sometimes the most basic rules are the hardest to follow and we all need gentle reminders. If you have yo-yo dieted all of your life to get 'quicker' results, stop now, get back to basics or find a way of eating that works and that you can 'realistically' maintain.

3. Move more.

Have you ever noticed that it's easier to maintain your body weight when you are moving around a lot? Or you don't need to think so much about your eating when you are on holiday and are walking everywhere? Movement, is us being active in our daily lives. It can also include standing up from being seated more often, sitting on the floor more so you naturally move more to make yourself comfortable, or playing around at the playground when your kids do. Or walking to the shops or down to a friends place, giving yourself that 10 or 15 mins of bonus movement. Often it's just a change of mindset. We are not going to be perfect ever, just make it a lifestyle decision to become more of a natural mover.

I hope this helps. Yours in fitness, love, Jen xx


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