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Franklin Balls

The ultimate tools to release your body's muscles and fascia for greater performance in all of your life's adventures.

Franklin Balls

The Franklin Method uses Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery (DNI)™  as an imagery-based systematic method for movement and postural control retraining.

DNI uses progressive movement exercises combined with various methods of imagery to draw participants’ attention to anatomical structures and locations, body biomechanics, as well as spatial and functional relationships between body segments during movement.

The Franklin Ball equipment incorporates Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery (DNI)™ with movement to change your body, by first changing your mind!

Jen Rice Fitness Ltd / BalanceBody is the sole distributor of Franklin Balls in NZ. Want to see Franklin Balls in action? If you are in Christchurch, visit The Well, or check out our list of stockists in New Zealand.

For wholesale enquiries please email

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