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Gym Access

The Gym is a light-filled, natural space where you can work out at your own pace, in a friendly, studio environment. We keep our membership small and our trainers are all experienced, and share The Well’s ethos of re-balancing your body for lifelong strength, flexibility and endurance.

Hours: 5am - 10pm daily

Access: Key fob access (provided on joining)

Personal Training

Our personal training partner, Jen Rice Fitness, is focused on restoring the body's natural strength and mobility. Jen's team will with work with you to resolve historic pain, flexibility and mobility issues safely, at a pace that is right for your body - from performance athletes to eighty-year-old trampers.

Scheduled 1:1 or Partner Training plans available.

Reformer Pilates

Equipment-based Pilates is the fountain of youth. You will enjoy significant improvement in your flexibility, total-body strength, core stability, endurance, and mind-body connection. Improve your posture, body alignment and balance under the expert guidance of our Equipment & Reformer Pilates trainers. 

Regularly Scheduled 1:1 or Partner Training Sessions

Boutique Gym

Relaxed atmosphere in a state of the art gym

Book a Gym Tour

You’ll meet with one of our qualified personal trainers for around 20 minutes. They’ll answer your questions, discuss your training needs, and show you the ins and outs of our exceptional gym and reformer Pilates equipment.

Introductory Offer

Come and try out our Studio Gym Membership, Personal Training Membership, or Small Group Training Session Membership with a Two Week Taster Membership.