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Meet our practitioners

Each of us operates independently and is a specialist in our field. We’re committed to building a thriving studio where clients come to build lifetime vitality through strength, movement and whole body health.

Come, join us!

The Well is a group of experienced body health practitioners, who are passionate improving our clients’ quality of life through improved body strength, flexibility and mobility.

Jen Rice Fitness

Available  Monday - Friday

Contact  027 204 1224

Jen is  a certified Personal Trainer, Pilates mat instructor, mum of two and lover of movement indoors and out. Her workouts fuse functional training, weight training, Pilates and cardio and are designed to improve overall fitness, strength and movement.

She began as a Personal Training in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2004. Jen has a strong interest in the biomechanics of the body, and creates programmes that retrain the body to move as nature intended.

Jen Rice

Jen Rice of Jen Rice Fitness

Pathway Physiotherapy

Available  Tuesday, Thursday

Contact  0273 593 504

As an avid climber and lover of the outdoors, moving well and keeping strong have always been important to Andy. He qualified as a physiotherapist in the UK in 2007. His climbing and his work made him more curious to understand how to influence the whole body, not just the bits that hurt. He went on to study Tom Myers’ ‘Anatomy Trains’ and Douglas Heel’s ‘Be Activated’ technique.

Andy equips his clients with tools to perform better, and to prevent or manage their injuries. He will look at your whole picture health, going back to basics to identify where your habits, compensations and imbalances may have been tripping you up. With better building blocks, he’ll support your journey to a strong, more able and resilient you.

Andy Scott

Peak Performance

Available  Tuesday, Wednesday

Contact  0274 149 470

Julie is a qualified therapeutic and remedial massage therapist and former Registered Nurse. She is a graduate of the New Zealand College of Natural Medicine.

Julie offers sports massage, injury rehabilitation, myofascial release, NMT and Bowen Therapy. She works with clients of all ages and abilities, improving movement and quality of life.

Evenflow Pilates & Physiotherapy

Contact  021 140 8229

Lisa studied Physiotherapy at Otago University, and Curtin University in Perth, Australia. She is a qualified physiotherapist with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy. Lisa is a DMA and Polestar clinical pilates practitioner.

Lisa has worked in private practice and sports clinics in NZ and London, and with sports teams in NZ, Australia and Malalysia. While based in London she held a role as head of physiotherapy for BUPA, working in a team environment alongside sports physicians who worked with England's elite teams and sports people.

Lisa works closely with clients on posture and muscle balance, and how to incorporate these principles into everyday life.

Lisa Mason

Pilates Teacher

Mirka is a qualified Pilates instructor and mum of three wonderful children.

She discovered Pilates 20 years ago while living in London, UK and the loved the experience and felt the benefits of it. She then qualified as an instructor in 2005 after completing a comprehensive training course with Pilates International in Auckland. She has taught in both New Zealand and in London, UK.

Her active upbringing influenced her interest in movement and variety of outdoor sports. She enjoys teaching clients and her focus is on alignment, balance and quality of movement. Her sessions and classes are focused on vital movements for daily life and an active lifestyle.

Personal Trainer & Clinical Nutritionist

Contact: 021 082 46720

Alaina is a qualified personal trainer and registered clinical nutritionist and she believes that exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body! 

She loves supporting her clients to achieve their health goals through both fitness and nutrition. She designs her programs around helping each person exercise and eat in a way that compliments their daily life. Her own passions are for the outdoors, particularly mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking and anything that makes exercise fun!

Port Hills Osteopathy

Available:  Mondays - Thursdays

Texting Only: 021 394 003 or email  

Kate has a keen interest in treating babies, children, and pregnant women. Kate is passionate about seeing children bounce back from traumatic birth, playground injuries or childhood illnesses and develop into healthy young adults. Her care for pregnant women can help provide welcome relief as the mother’s body and posture continually compensates and responds to the baby’s growth. 

She holds Bachelor degrees in Applied Science (Complementary Medicine) and Applied Science (Human Movement), and a Masters of Osteopathy. She has practiced Osteopathy in Australia, Canada, and is registered with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand, Osteopaths New Zealand, and is an ACC registered provider.

Kate Spurling

Yoga & Pilates Teacher

Available  Through GymMaster

Clare has been practising yoga since the late 1990s and teaching classes for over 20 years. She trained with one of Sydney's yoga pioneers, Julian Calvo, who created a unique blend of Astanga, Iyengar and Hatha yoga. After having children, Clare discovered Pilates, which became a huge influence in her own movement practise and teaching style. 


Her classes are grounded in the yoga principles of body/mind awareness and connection to the breath and she always brings a dose of humour to the mat. When she's not teaching, she's pursuing her artistic dreams, looking after her family, or walking in the hills with her giant doggo. 

Clare Mackintosh

Elise Personal Training

Elise takes a holistic approach to fitness. She encourages and supports her clients in finding ways to make lasting, sustainable change, build healthy habits and develop a positive relationship with movement and their bodies. Alongside the huge benefits physical exercise brings (to our health span, life span and quality of life!) Elise believes strongly in the benefits it has on our mental health. She loves empowering her clients to reach their physical potential, boost their mental well being and achieve optimal health- and of course have fun along the way!


Elise is a Level 4 REP’s Personal Trainer and Level 5 Advanced Health and Fitness Coach. She also works as a Nutrition Coach and is an XPT Breath Work Coach so she can give her clients support in all the key areas of wellness to help them get the most out of their time in the gym.


When she is not training clients or working out she loves having adventures in the great outdoors climbing, mountaineering, kayaking and hiking!


  • Mobility

  • Nutrition

  • Breath work

  • Mindset coaching and healthy habit building

Elise Stewart

Craig Dalton Manual Therapy

Available  Fridays & Saturdays

Contact  022 123 1998 or

My name is Craig and I'm from Rugby, Warwickshire (UK). It all began in 2015 when I quit my 10-year engineering career to embark on a career in soft tissue therapy. After injuring my lower back during martial arts training and experiencing the benefits of massage therapy, I made the decision to retrain. In 2017, I qualified with a Diploma in Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy from the Oxford School of Sports Massage. I am also studying for a Bachelor's Degree in Musculoskeletal Health at the Ara Institute of Canterbury.


As a registered therapist with Massage New Zealand, I am proud to offer my clients the convenience of accessing the Southern Cross Easy-Claim service. This affiliation ensures that individuals can make the most of their healthcare benefits while receiving the professional care I provide.


In my spare time, I enjoy skateboarding, mountain biking, hiking, martial arts, animal flow and a massive geek in board games!

Craig Dalton


My mission is to provide you with the tools to feel strong and capable in yourself. My vision is to inspire confidence in people and help them find love for moving their bodies.


See our session like a conversation, I will cater a program based on what I believe you need and throughout, let me know what works or doesn’t work for you. I am always happy to grow, adapt, and shift with you.

Fall in love with the power of your body with all things movement + personal inquiry, Reformer Pilates, Budokon Yoga, 
and Vinyasa Yoga. Join my Monday morning mat pilates class, or book a private reformer session during the daytime on Monday.


Massage Therapist

Available  Monday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday

Contact  020 408 46473 or

Ajun’s interest in massage therapy began when he experienced the benefits of massage as a competitive road cyclist. He completed his massage training under Master Wang Rong Kun in Yilan, Taiwan, before opening his successful business in 2017.


Now based in Christchurch, Ajun offers deep tissue and sports massage as well as relaxation massage and traditional Chinese massage. He enjoys supporting others on their path to wellness and promotes massage for the treatment of injuries, reduced muscle soreness and tension, improved circulation, and relaxation.

Ajun Lin

STOTT Trained Pilates Instructor

Eveline is a STOTT trained Pilates instructor working towards her full certification. She is a mum of two boys and moved from the Netherlands to New Zealand in 2014.


She loves staying active by going on long walks and practicing yoga and Pilates.

She found a love for yoga in her early twenties back in Amsterdam, which sparked her love for mindful exercise and has never stopped moving since. 

Eveline loves offering a layered and fun class and hopes to keep challenging you every time. 

Eveline Geradts

Yoga Teacher

From a young age, Melanie trained in classical ballet and dance and then discovered yoga in 2004 whilst living in Seattle.  She instantly fell in love with how yoga made her feel, and hasn't looked back since.


As a qualified yoga teacher, Melanie loves to help others discover strength in their practice and aims to create an inclusive and welcoming environment.  She has also completed advanced training in yoga philosophy, pranayama and Ayurveda.  Melanie is passionate about creating an environment where each class will challenge and restore the body, mind and soul.  Off the mat Melanie loves chasing the sun and getting outdoors to play tennis, waterski, surf and tramp.  

Melanie Lynn

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