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Human-friendly machines

Our Technogym equipment is super easy to adjust to your body, and ergonomically designed so you get the most out of your work out. You’ll meet with one of our qualified personal trainers for around 20 minutes. They’ll answer your questions, discuss your training needs, and show you the ins and outs of our exceptional gym and Reformer Pilates equipment.

Introductory Offer

Come and try out our Studio Gym Membership, Personal Training Membership, or Small Group Training Session Membership with a Two Week Taster Membership. 

Personal Training



From / Per Person

  • 45 min sessions $40

  • 1 hour sessions $50

  • You and your Training Partner 1:2

  • Schedule on GymMaster App

  • Choose your Personal Trainer

Train Together




  • 45 min sessions $70

  • 1 hour sessions $85

  • Schedule on GymMaster App

  • Choose your Personal Trainer

One on One Training



  • 2 x 1hr personal training sessions

  • 2 weeks unlimited gym access

  • Personally tailored to your goals

  • Personal training support for adjusting your weights, exercises, and most importantly your form.

Experience one-on-one support

Sign up for Personal Training

Choose between private sessions or bring a partner to reduce the individual cost and increase motivation. Once you have signed up for a session, you'll become a client on The Well's GymMaster system, where you can choose a time and trainer to suit your style and schedule using the GymMaster App.

Client Stories

Monica, 50s, Everyday Fit

Jen was the first gym-type person who made me stand and assessed me without weights and things. She just looked at my form. And that was the first time I'd heard that word - form.

Diane, 40s, Getting Back to Fitness

Jen is very specific about what we're working on with each exercise that she shows me. I get an overall sense of the body parts that we're working on - and you learn how to feel right with all of it.

Sam, 40s, Extreme Skier

He came to Jen to rehabilitate after an injury and has been here ever since. Hear why Sam credits Jen with keeping him 'young'.

Jen and her team are all experienced personal trainers. Initial sessions will focus on 'turning-on' muscle groups, fascia, and other systems in the body so that they perform as intended.


Your trainer will work with you to resolve pain, flexibility or mobility issues that may be present, and are most often caused when one body-system is compensating for the underperformance of another.

Improve your body’s natural strength and movement at a pace that’s right for you.

Session Types

Personal Training

Personal Training sessions are usually weekly or fortnightly, at the gym, on Zoom, or at-home by arrangement.​ You can expect a mix of equipment, mat, Pilates and cardio training.

Partner Personal Training
When cost and staying committed are factors, try partner training with a friend or colleague. You get an experience very close to 1:1 personal training and, depending on your team dynamic, added motivation, compassion or competition!

Choose your Personal Trainer

Jen Rice Fitness & Balance Body

The Well Founder & Personal Trainer

Book Jen on The Well GymMaster

027 204 1224

My workouts fuse functional training, weight training, Pilates, and cardio; and are designed to improve overall fitness, strength, and movement. Using my interest in body biomechanics I design programmes to retrain your body's movements.

Kim West

Pilates Teacher & Holistic Health Coaching

Equipment Pilates & Holistic Health

Book Kim on The Well GymMaster

021 222 2865

My expertise in Equipment Pilates allows me to train new Equipment Pilates instructors and clients who are new to Equipment Pilates as well, to improve their health, strength, & mobility. Interested in Equipment Pilates? Sign up for a personal session.

Mirka Field

Available Mondays & Tuesdays

Equipment Pilates & Mat Pilates

Book on The Well GymMaster App

I am a qualified Pilates instructor who enjoys working with people who focus on alignment, balance and quality of movement. My passion is to help people work on those vital movements in daily life that support an active lifestyle.​