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Using GymMaster

Andriod or iOS devices. Book sessions & manage your membership.

The Well Studios is run online using a platform called GymMaster. GymMaster is well-regarded and has a high level of security so you can rest assured that your membership details are safe.

Let’s log in!

  • You will need your email address and the password you created when you joined the Studios, or use the Forgotten password function.

  • Desktop/ laptop users: Click here to log in, use the button in the upper right of this site, or use the form on this page.

  • Smartphone users: Download the GymMaster app:

You can update your account details online or via the smartphone app (see “How do I log in?” above). 

Once you have logged-in to the members’ portal, you’ll see a page like the one shown here. 

Click on the ‘account’ tab and select the section you’d like to update.

Log in to The Well Studios members’ portal via the GymMaster app on your phone, or by clicking the link at the top right of this site on your desktop.

Under the ‘Bookings’ tab, select the type of session you want - Private/Partner, Small Group/Class, or view the Class Schedule to choose a group session on a calendar view.

If you choose a private session, you will then be able to choose the day, practitioner, and time that suits.

Note: Gym Programme Reviews are private sessions that take 30 mins.

I can't make a class, how do I cancel?

  1. Log in to The Well Studios members’ portal.

  2. Under ‘My Bookings’ you will see a list of all sessions or classes you are scheduled to attend. Find the class that you wish to cancel.

  3. Click on the orange trashcan icon to the right of the booking.

  4. Check the date and time of the class/session and confirm your cancellation.

Can I put my membership on hold?

  1. You can place your membership on hold (pause) for up to six weeks per year for a minimum of one week at a time.

  2. Email us at with the dates you’d like your membership held.

  3. Please give us at least 48 hours notice.

  4. Once you membership restarts, your membership must be active for a minimum of four weeks before it can be placed on hold again.

I missed my class - Will I be charged?

  1. You can manage your bookings, including cancelling or rescheduling a class/PT session via the members’ portal in GymMaster (online or via the app).

  2. If you are simply a no-show, you will be charged for the trainer’s time.

  3. Please give 24 hours notice of cancellation.

How do I reschedule a class?

  1. Follow the steps to cancel a booking above.

  2. Once you have cancelled your booking, go back to your member home page (click the back button on your web browser).

  3. Click on the ‘bookings’ tab. A drop down menu will appear. Select ‘book a class’.

  4. Select the class time and date.

Do I have to sign a membership contract?

  1. There are no time-based contracts for membership to The Gym @The Well. We need 48 hours notice of cancellation to close your account and deactivate your entry fob.

  2. There are terms and conditions of membership that we encourage you to read and require your acceptance. These will be shown to you during the membership joining process.

Can I add classes to my gym membership?

  1. You can add to, or change your membership type via the Members' Portal at anytime. You can access it via an app on your phone or via your laptop or desktop here.

Access your Membership anytime via desktop or smartphone. Watch the short video tutorial opposite to learn how to:

  1. update your details,

  2. add emergency contacts,

  3. book a small group or private session,

  4. schedule a gym induction.

Tour the Members' Portal

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