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2021 - The year of your dream?

Fifteen years ago, I imagined a space where practitioners with a similar ethos to me worked together to improve the everyday physical wellbeing of our clients.

In 2020 I resolved to make that dream a reality. Six months later, with the support of some incredible people, we made The Well Whole Body Studios a reality and welcomed our first official customers. (On Saturday 28 November.)

I am humbled by people's response to the space.

A space to grow

The Well is deliberately inviting, plant-filled and calm. There is abundant natural light and, though you come here to work your body, the focus is on restoring natural mobility, not counting reps or weights.

It's home to a state-of-the-art gym, physiotherapy, chiropractic, and massage studios, and an open learning/ training space we call The Classroom. Our practitioners run their own small businesses. We cross-refer when this will provide the best outcome for our clients.

Restoring natural strength and mobility

Most of us are born with perfect bodies - the combination of limbs, tendons, ligaments and muscle we need to move well in the world. Environment, habit and injury lead us away from optimal function.

At The Well, we focus on restoration of that natural strength, flexibility and movement, be it via massage, physiotherapy, pilates, personal training, the gym, chiropractic or a combination of these methods.

It takes a community

Many people have helped to bring vision to life, and for this I am very grateful. We do no achieve success alone. It is a collective of support from those around you. My hope is that as The Well Whole Body Studios grows, people will feel a part of its evolution. Together, we will have all created an incredible space to train, heal and find balance.

2020 was hard, and sometimes lonely but I realises that loneliness is something to harness. As in training, it’s when we feel ‘uncomfortable’ that we become stronger.

To you all in 2021, I wish you health and wellness. Is this the year you make your dream a reality?

Love, Jen


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