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What’s your body type (or somatotype)?

Three somatotypes - Body Types

We all know we have different body types, but sometimes have a hard time accepting the body type we were born with. There are three main body types (called somatotypes, coined in the 1940’s by American phycologist William Herbert Sheldon) and we can mostly be one or a combination of them.

First and foremost, as a human, acceptance of our own body type through enjoying our bodies (ie. taking enjoyment of our bodies through movement, exercise, getting into nature, eating well, baths, saunas, etc.) life becomes fuller!

Here’s a quick rundown on the three somatotypes:

Ectomorph: Characterized by their slim, lean build with long limbs and a fast metabolism. This is someone that doesn’t seem to gain weight no matter what, and doesn’t tend to gain visible muscle mass easily.

Mesomorph: Naturally athletic build, a muscular physique and an easy time gaining muscle as well as an easier time losing fat.

Endomorph: A bit curvier, and with a slower metabolism. This body type builds muscle the easiest out of the three but also needs to work a bit harder to lose weight.

Your body type is what you were born with, and unless you are an elite athlete, you can choose any activity or sport you enjoy and do well! We believe you need to train to be specific to what you would like to achieve and specifically to the activities you enjoy.

This all being said, the greatest way to understand your body is to get a regular body scan. A body scan shows your muscle mass, bone density and visceral fat levels (the fat around your organs that we don’t want too much of).

In November this year at The Well Studios we have the first ‘Technogym Checkup’ in the South Island arriving! Though knowing the basic somatotypes can be a start to understanding the body you were born with, the ‘Technogym Checkup’ will give you a very accurate and deeper understanding of your body. It’s a motivation tool to help put all of those healthy habits into regular practice!


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