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Balancing our bodies sides

Jen Rice Mermaid Sitting Position

This is my favourite side to side in a 'mermaid sit' position. When I switch positions to the other side, it's not very comfortable for very long. So I do it when I don't need to focus as much.

I went listened to Brent Anderson speak at Polestar Pilates in Auckland in 2017 at his workshop 'Sitting is the new smoking'. The one point that Brent made that really stuck in my mind is the great thing about floor sitting is that we naturally move more. We change into different positions as it's not comfortable for very long staying in one position.

When you sit on the floor or move down and up from the ground let's choose our least favourite side too.

Love, Jen xx

PS. The two balls you see in the back are the Franklin Fascia roll and the Franklin Fascia ball. Even Andreas is using them!


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