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Movement... A part of the fitness equation

Jen Rice Running at Christchurch Hagley Park

So I have this friend, he told me his sister calls moving outside of our exercise sessions 'incidental exercise'. I am pretty sure he was just telling me this to get me to help him carry s%#* down his driveway. But, he had a point. And, now that I'm a busy mom, 'exercising' much less than I used too, it's got me to thinking that maybe rolling around on the floor with my kids and moving at the park more often is as important to my health and fitness. I have since started reading Katy Bowman's books and following her on Instagram @nutritiousmovement (as you do) and I was hooked on this movement thing. I also started sitting on the floor more in an effort to gain more mobility and increase my recovery time. And, I have to say it worked. My mobility improved and it gave me a greater awareness of how sitting in chairs, cars, recliners, really isn't that good for our body. And yes, it's so true that 'Sitting is the new smoking' as I learned in a Polestar course I took in 2017. I have always known that sitting for prolonged periods of time in chairs weakens our gluts and tightens our hamstrings, etc. But, I hadn't thought much about the fact that we just really need to sit differently. It's not so much the sitting, it's more how we are sitting.

And so move more, sit more on the floor. Love, Jen xx


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